Nick Lim Design

Smart Design: Food Lab

The Food Lab is a collective within Smart Design with a mission to explore the bridge between food and design. Starting from a desire to expand exposure to cultural delicacies and food rituals, the expertise of the Food Lab ranges from packaging, nutrition, production, and communication on the variety of food experiences. Requiring a refresh to the blog and an expanded presence in articles and talks, a unifying logo was required to bring the varied ideas together under a single image.

While food may be different around the world, the cooking, eating, and celebration of food is something all cultures share. Food is a broad term that unites all cuisines into one group. Food is made by uniting differing ingredients to make a single dish. Food brings together people of all kinds, around a table, around a tea set, around a loaf of bread to be broken together. 

The design of the logo connects 3 pieces of a single "food" based object. Inspired by a basic stark design of stripes of a flag, each piece may come from a different place in the world, but wherever they may come from, however they may taste, or however they may be cooked, they are all part of an apple, a table, a plate, a loaf of bread. Food unites us all. 

Colors are taken from the Smart Design brand. An off white and dark brown are used to differentiate from the base Smart Design brand as well as the Smart Design Interaction Lab. The set system for the variety of logos allows for seasonal changes as well as an opportunity to add new foods and symbols as needed (or wanted).